Rewards Wall

imageGood behaviour provides an essential basis to establish a creative and effective learning and teaching environment. Every member of the school family will prosper, be respected and have a sense of security.

- In recognition, to promote and encourage good behaviour, a reward system is used. This will reinforce good behaviour and assist the pupils to realise the value of good behaviour. Everybody will be rewarded at the school through informal, formal behaviour and in public and on a one to one basis.

- ‘Star of the Week/Day’ is awarded in each class daily and weekly. Each is awarded a certificate and their picture is displayed on the school’s achievement wall for the week.

- In the Infants, many stickers are used to commend good behaviour.

- In the Junior Department, every pupil has a reward book. In it, they collect stickers, the teacher records the reason why the pupil receives the sticker. They receive a little gift after collecting 20 stickers.

- Pupils from the Junior Department are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals each term for collecting the most stickers.

- So as to motivate good behaviour in the dining Hall, there is weekly a ‘golden table’ for the eight pupils who have displayed good behaviour skills in several ways.

- The teachers will send personal ‘Pleasant Messages’ to parents and carers to mention achievements or good behaviour.

- Occasionally, parents and carers and Governors are invited to the awards service.