Home Work...more importantly than academic progress, emotional, physical, mental and social well-being is paramount. Therefore, by reducing the bulk of work that goes home, the homework policy of the school allows you to continue with the important things most of you do as families. So, go for a walk to Glynllifon, Dinas Dinlle or Aberdesach beach; conquer our mountains - Silyn, Dilyn or Mynydd Grug; roam new local paths in your villages; go to the park to run and kick a until you are out of breath; collect shells, leaves and conkers in the Autumn; go to the leisure Centre on weekends and take advantage of the free swim periods; create a model out of recycled materials and paint the colours of the rainbow on it; take a walk; go cycling on a cycle path; go out after it darkens to look at the wonders of the stars; go for a walk with a camera or ipad to take photos of nature, buildings or other interesting things; draw your child towards you and enjoy a good book with each other; eat together around the table and not on your laps watching TV and talk about everything under the sun ...

Every week, the school will have a different subject to discuss at home and in the school. It will be a way to start a discussion. Talking to your child is extremely important for their academic and social wellbeing.

‘If a child can’t say it, a child can’t write it’