imageThe governors have a crucial role in the school’s development, and assist through sitting as an advisory and guidance board. They make decisions on how the school is run. The full body meet at least once each term, and regular sub-committee meetings are held to discuss staffing, finance, special education, curriculum and buildings.



Governors are appointed to assist:

  1. To decide what is taught
  2. To standardize the pupils behaviour
  3. To interview and appoint staff.
  4. To decide how the budget is spent.

Governors are:-

  1. Parents
  2. Teachers
  3. Local council representatives
  4. Community representatives

A parent-governor:

  1. Has a child at the school.
  2. Is elected by parents.
  3. Serves like every other governor for a term of 4 years.

A parent governor has a key role in voicing parents opinions to the full body, but they can discuss as individuals. They have equal status and a right to cast a vote.

You as parents will elect 3 parent governors for a 4 year term.

Governors 2016 - 2017

Chairperson -
Mrs. Sandra Foxhall (Co-optedl) Child Protection

Clerk -
Clerc Mrs Anna Hughes (Independent from the Body)

School Staff
Mrs. Glenda Evans
Mrs. Einir Evans

Parents -
Mr. Kevin Jones
Mr. Gwyn Parry
Mrs. Rhian Gregory
Ms. Meleri Morris

County Council
Cyng Dilwyn Lloyd
Mrs. Sheila Jones

Community Council
- Mr. Harry Wyn Owen